Harry Crews


Harry began his fire protection career in 1972 as a sprinkler fitter and progressed from the field into inspections, then later into sales and project management. His involvement spans all sectors of construction, including commercial, industrial, residential, retail and healthcare.  Harry is one of only a few in the fire protection arena having nearly 50 years of experience.

In 1996, Crews & Gregory Fire Sprinkler was formed, focusing on a relationship-based business and a "customer first" approach.  From inception, C & G Fire sought to provide customers with comfort in knowing their fire protection needs had been placed in the right hands.  With Harry at the helm, Crews & Gregory quickly became a first choice for fire protection in the central Virginia.

Harry positions himself and the team as part of the General Contractor's team, prepared and ready when it's our time to execute.  He also understands the critical role the local authorities play as a member of the construction team on every project.  He works closely with officials to assure compliance, inspections and commissioning is seamless.

Contact Harry:


(804) 240-7286